Constantly hovering between the world of ancient keyboards and the modern piano, Milan born Simonetta Heger has a repertoire that ranges from the seventeenth century to contemporary music and enjoys playing both baroque and modern or contemporary repertoire, solo and chamber music, vocal and instrumental.

Ms. Heger has been in Faculty until November 2020 at Milan Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi, where she has taught Keyboard practice on both Piano and Historical Keyboards (Harpsichord and Fortepiano) .

As a scholar, Simonetta Heger has been involved in cataloguing music manuscripts for the Department for the research of music collections at the Library of the Conservatorio of Milan; she has published  a monographic study on the composer Giuseppe Vallaperti (1756-1814) whose Solo and piano and violin sonatas she has recorded, and articles and rewiews on italian and international musical magazines.  She was active part in securing to the Library of the Conservatorio the music of Aldo Finzi and more recently that of Kurt Sonnenfeld, as part of the project  "Persecuted music".

In 1996 and 2007 Simonetta Heger was the first to record and promote CDs  devoted to the music of Aldo Finzi, whose music she had played in concert, for the first time after World War II, at the Ridotto of the Scala Theatre.

Ms Heger has performed in U.S. with the Ensemble “Salomone Rossi” when she was invited by the Montclair state University, New Jersey, for the Festival of Italian Culture;  she performed in Kasser Theater  as piano soloist music by Aldo Finzi, and as continuo player of the Ensemble “Salomone Rossi” the repertoire later included in the Cd "Jewish Baroque Music".

In April 2010 a concert in Minneapolis Antonello Hall was her U.S. debut as solo harpsichordist. 

In December 2017 she has performed in Carnegie Hall, New York, Perelman stage, works by Aldo Finzi: Lyrics and Sonata for violin and piano with Soprano Elisabeth Hertzberg and violinist Rephael Negri.

Her most recent solo recording,  Giovanni Battista Sammartini: harpsichord Sonatas, published by the label Dynamic in June 2019, has been appreciated both by critics and public.

In April, 2021, the work on G.B.Sammartini has been continued with the recording, again for Dynamic, of the  six "Viennese" Sonatas for violin and continuo, with the Oinos Baroque Trio (Stefania Gerra, Violin; Daniele Bogni, Cello; Simonetta Heger, Fortepiano and Harpsichord).